#antisocial Channel Statistics

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During this 97-day reporting period, a total of 92 different nicks were represented on #antisocial.

Active Times

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Most Active Nicks

Nick Number of lines Active Times Recent Quote Display Picture
01 morph 28265
<morph> yeah
02 R 4586
<R> wahts that in freedom bucks
03 Menchers 4441
<Menchers> if they hurt people they should be arrested
04 litdimly 2811
<litdimly> Sorry, family showed up.
05 trask 2301
<trask> kill all cops
06 netjester 2000
<netjester> haha, "dong dong"
07 Sairon 1904
<Sairon> so should not someone inherit the blame?
08 havoc 1370
<havoc> !lastspoke morph
09 gothdaria 805
<gothdaria> I thought staying up all night would be a good idea...
10 zane 741
<zane> hi gothdaria
11 trask1 734
<trask1> morph still wakes up once an hour every night to check if his gaz is frozen in his car in the canadian winters
12 loungelizard 660
<loungelizard> if u want to follow along, KJ7MLY is my call sign. Signing off for now I'll check back in for a little bit at home. Cheers!
13 B-| 502
<B-|> how's it going
14 gizmore 462
<gizmore> hehe ... cannot beat this
15 eggenburg 379
<eggenburg> I'm gonna go outside, see ya! :)
16 macse 332
<macse> Goodnight everyone :)
17 oxen 307
<oxen> Plus they prioritize in store inventory so they don't include my regular items sometimes
18 bluebus 296
<bluebus> Where do you store it all?
19 HPP4 235
<HPP4> Anyway. I'm outta here. Gotta work tomorrow morning. Goodnight everyone!
20 kablamabam 196
<kablamabam> back later.

Big Numbers

Is webchat10 stupid or just asking too many questions? 100% lines contained a question!

dairyman229 didn't know that much either. 50% of their lines were questions.

The loudest one was \join_eggdreamnft, who yelled 60% of the time!

Another old yeller was dwils, who shouted 27.27% of the time!

It seems that gizmore|2's shift-key is hanging: 7.69% of the time they wrote UPPERCASE.

Musicbabe just forgot to deactivate their Caps-Lock. They wrote UPPERCASE 4.59% of the time.

Saphir brings happiness to the world. 43.75% of lines contained smiling faces. :)

webchat70 isn't a sad person either, smiling 28.57% of the time.

rolle seems to be sad at the moment: 50% of lines contained sad faces. :(

\join_eggdreamnft is also a sad person, crying 30% of the time.

Lamb3 wrote the longest lines, averaging 106.80 letters per line.

The #antisocial average was 30 letters per line.

Musicbaba wrote the shortest lines, averaging 2.00 characters per line.

kdqep was tight-lipped, too, averaging 2.00 characters.

morph spoke a total of 130485 words!

morph's faithful follower, Menchers, didn't speak so much: 34793 words.

Lamb3 wrote an average of 17.24 words per line.

The #antisocial average was 5 words per line.

Other Interesting Numbers

rez wasn't very popular, getting kicked once!

morph donated 498 ops in the channel...

netjester was also very polite: 5 ops were given.

morph is the channel sheriff with 1 deop.

gothdaria always lets us know what they're doing: 74 actions!

Also, \join_subline tells us what's up with 53 actions.

morph talks to themselves a lot. They wrote over 5 lines in a row 1278 times!

Another lonely one was Menchers, who managed to hit 93 times.

darksyns couldn't decide whether to stay or go. 285 joins during this reporting period!

webchat50 has quite a potty mouth. 50% of lines contained foul language.

Dakotah also makes sailors blush, 25% of the time.