#antisocial Channel Statistics

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During this 137-day reporting period, a total of 91 different nicks were represented on #antisocial.

Active Times

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Most Active Nicks

Nick Number of lines Active Times Recent Quote Display Picture
01 morph 45034
<morph> be back tonight
02 trask 8533
<trask> think its time for end of the day smoke
03 R 8471
<R> we thought you died from the 'rona
04 gothdaria 5008
<gothdaria> lol
05 havok 3163
<havok> bbl
06 UndrWater 2916
<UndrWater> "you mean i can't watch netflix??" "that's right, it's a holy war" "no offense, but hell no!!"
07 litdimly 2489
<litdimly> Well, I'm out. You guys be good and I wish the best for everyone.
08 ginx 2443
<ginx> good night
09 es 1584
<es> trask speaks the truth
10 EasyAsPie 1487
<EasyAsPie> r u drunk
11 netjester 1158
<netjester> hey havok
12 Musicbabe 966
<Musicbabe> but im out ttyl <3
13 SpyShadow 828
<SpyShadow> 78/80, hate this damn test
14 gizmore 827
<gizmore> Arrr
15 Doed3l 751
<Doed3l> sup Sean
16 nj 709
<nj> wb SerialCookie
17 Trigger911 706
<Trigger911> but im out take care
18 lit 549
<lit> bbl
19 darkdiggler 464
<darkdiggler> lol
20 morph-work 448
<morph-work> be back when i wake up

Big Numbers

Is azazello stupid or just asking too many questions? 50% lines contained a question!

SerialCookie didn't know that much either. 25% of their lines were questions.

The loudest one was Diannao, who yelled 26.92% of the time!

Another old yeller was EasyAsPie_, who shouted 18.18% of the time!

It seems that charlie_maybe's shift-key is hanging: 50% of the time they wrote UPPERCASE.

Musicbabe just forgot to deactivate their Caps-Lock. They wrote UPPERCASE 4.04% of the time.

subcon brings happiness to the world. 15.19% of lines contained smiling faces. :)

mrfolksy isn't a sad person either, smiling 15.09% of the time.

EugeneFaust seems to be sad at the moment: 11.11% of lines contained sad faces. :(

gizmore|2 is also a sad person, crying 10.13% of the time.

Lamb3_1 wrote the longest lines, averaging 119.25 letters per line.

The #antisocial average was 29 letters per line.

Sairon_Asleep wrote the shortest lines, averaging 2.00 characters per line.

Guest73690 was tight-lipped, too, averaging 3.00 characters.

morph spoke a total of 207042 words!

morph's faithful follower, trask, didn't speak so much: 73490 words.

Lamb3_1 wrote an average of 19.67 words per line.

The #antisocial average was 5 words per line.

Other Interesting Numbers

gothdaria is either insane or just a fair op, kicking a total of 3 people!

gothdaria's faithful follower, havok, kicked about 2 people.

es wasn't very popular, getting kicked 2 times!

darkdiggler seemed to be hated too: 1 kick was received.

morph donated 345 ops in the channel...

havok was also very polite: 27 ops were given.

morph is the channel sheriff with 8 deops.

gothdaria deoped 3 users.

gothdaria always lets us know what they're doing: 282 actions!

Also, trask tells us what's up with 212 actions.

morph talks to themselves a lot. They wrote over 5 lines in a row 2013 times!

Another lonely one was R, who managed to hit 126 times.

azazello couldn't decide whether to stay or go. 268 joins during this reporting period!

bitchface has quite a potty mouth. 18.18% of lines contained foul language.

darkdiggler also makes sailors blush, 13.79% of the time.