#antisocial Channel Statistics

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During this 12-day reporting period, a total of 33 different nicks were represented on #antisocial.

Active Times

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Most Active Nicks

Nick Number of lines Active Times Recent Quote Display Picture
01 morph 3415
<morph> ttyl
02 Menchers 581
<Menchers> boing
03 netjester 549
<netjester> move faster next time
04 R 537
<R> well tahts why he wasn't there
05 litdimly 416
<litdimly> Still parts for my buddies printer.
06 trask1 257
<trask1> smoke me a kipper, ill be back for breakfast
07 Sairon 200
<Sairon> true
08 gothdaria 153
<gothdaria> that's good
09 trask 150
<trask> would wobbly wardrobe style warnings welp?
10 loungelizard 77
<loungelizard> good night all. It is finally quitting time.
11 eggenburg 75
<eggenburg> !claim-tickets
12 bluebus 73
<bluebus> I think you should be charging people to use the server, not reward them :)
13 UndrWater 62
<UndrWater> take care. see you soon.
14 Chronus 59
<Chronus> nite
15 macse 57
<macse> I'm off to bed. Goodnight everyone :)
16 oxen 53
<oxen> Ha
17 trask1dot1 42
<trask1dot1> yeah so its not the problem you try to solve
18 Scrawn 41
<Scrawn> eat
19 darksyns 40
<darksyns> lol
20 Dribbel 22
<Dribbel> lol

Big Numbers

Is Saphir stupid or just asking too many questions? 50% lines contained a question!

eggenburg didn't know that much either. 26.67% of their lines were questions.

The loudest one was rez, who yelled 100% of the time!

Another old yeller was \join_eggdreamnft, who shouted 60% of the time!

It seems that \join_subline's shift-key is hanging: 11.76% of the time they wrote UPPERCASE.

eggenburg just forgot to deactivate their Caps-Lock. They wrote UPPERCASE 4% of the time.

Saphir brings happiness to the world. 25% of lines contained smiling faces. :)

Dribbel isn't a sad person either, smiling 18.18% of the time.

\join_eggdreamnft seems to be sad at the moment: 30% of lines contained sad faces. :(

Musicbabe is also a sad person, crying 25% of the time.

FireBall wrote the longest lines, averaging 132.00 letters per line.

The #antisocial average was 39 letters per line.

morph-work wrote the shortest lines, averaging 4.00 characters per line.

ace was tight-lipped, too, averaging 5.00 characters.

morph spoke a total of 15092 words!

morph's faithful follower, Menchers, didn't speak so much: 3944 words.

FireBall wrote an average of 23.00 words per line.

The #antisocial average was 7 words per line.

Other Interesting Numbers

Nice opers here, no one got kicked!

morph donated 59 ops in the channel...

Wow, no op was taken on #antisocial!

gothdaria always lets us know what they're doing: 14 actions!

Also, netjester tells us what's up with 11 actions.

morph talks to themselves a lot. They wrote over 5 lines in a row 136 times!

Another lonely one was Menchers, who managed to hit 27 times.

darksyns couldn't decide whether to stay or go. 30 joins during this reporting period!

Saphir has quite a potty mouth. 25% of lines contained foul language.

Dakotah also makes sailors blush, 25% of the time.